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Monday, 13 November 2017


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 They are varieties of things one can’t do or survive without in this planet called earth. But these are some of them.
1. You can’t do or survive without the word of God:- Because God is the giver of life, in the beginning, He (God) created all things, He gives man life, He takes away man’s life when it is pleasing to Him, some people will have this assertion that they is no God, but the funny aspect is that when problem knock on their door they will run back to the creator, every body acknowledge God in his or her doing, for example if an arm robber (am not trying to promote bad habit), want to go and rob he will pray to God to help him accomplish his mission, it is evil anyway, that shows that we can’t survive without God.

2. Human can’t survive without love:- When they is no love, they is hate and hate leads to quarreling, holding of grudges etc. and thereby leading to killing of one another, if they is love in our society, we will be able to survive even in trying time, you will be able to help each other solely because of love, this are things that will happen when this is love.

• They will be no cultism
• They will be no killing
• They will be no oppression and such like So today, for you to survive on this earth you must embrace love, because when you love you will have peace of mind, they will be no case of heart attack or any disease. Try as much as possible to embrace or practice love no matter where you find yourself.

3. Me and you can’t survive without food or proper nutrition:- I have heard of some little kids, even older people starve to death because they is no food or proper nutrition, this people that are starve to death, did they like it that way? This is the question you have to ask yourself; the answer will be capital NO, why are they starve to? It is because they is no food to eat and the gap between the poor and the rich is too much this days, now tell me will it be noteworthy to see someone owning a trillion in his account and his or her neighbour has not eaten for days, what a world, for human to survive they must be a reduction in the gap between the rich and the poor, people especially the rich should learn to help people who don’t have anything, give them shelter, give them a place to sleep because some people don’t even have a place to sleep, they lay their head on the streets and most importantly give them money to start business from there, they will be seeing money to feed their selves and other people and the world will be a better place.

4. You can’t survive without a good wife:- My adage, show me your type of wife and I will tell you how your home will be organized. As a bachelor, when you have finished school, get a good apartment, have a nice car, get a nice job, some of this things that have just listed does not matter sometimes, before you can get married to that your dream wife. When you want to get married, go down on your knees and pray to God to give you that wife with love, that she can love no matter what situation she find you. Because when the going gets tough, a bad wife will start abusing or cursing you, so as a bachelor you must examine her if she have this characteristic then you can marry her.

  She will love your for whom you are.
  She will respect your friends
 She will honour your parents etc.

5. Also they are some mental habit that human can’t live without like courage, boldness, perseverance, patience and hard work and sometimes soft work, like for me I can’t survive without all this things; but most especially I can’t survive without Google i.e. browsing and searching for information on Google.

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