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Saturday, 17 February 2018

Episode 6 Life Of A Shy Bad Guy/Fictions

Episode 6

Life Of A Shy Bad Guy

Course Rep: The next person on the list is Ayomide Kelvin
Kelvin was like ‘’omo I don happen’’ he summon little courage he has been trying hard to overcome his shyness’’. He tried to practice what he has being reading on ‘’Wikihow’’ on ‘’how to overcome shyness’’ one of the step is raising of head when walking.
He stood up, raising his head up, his posture was okay at first, but when he stared into his course mates peering eyes, he loses balance and he began to walk sluggishly, sweat was pouring out from his face and body like water.
He made up his mind not to have contact with them, he managed to walk to the stage.
Throughout his presentation, he kept his eye glued to his book. He walked back to his sit very elated this time around because the lecturer commend him for his good presentation.
He couldn’t believe he was able to stand in front of a massive crowd of students ‘’anyhow sha, I nno raise my head up, that nah why I no fumble’’. He told himself.
One student who was sitting next to him hailed him in low voice as he sat down.
Emeka: Guy you try ooh
Kelvin: omo no be small thing
Emeka: how you do all these research, you be book wizard
Kelvin: book wizard keh
Emeka: See as you analyze everything
Kelvin: ehh (he don’t know what to say further again).
The lecture came to an end with the lecturer commending and awarding marks to those who perform well.
He caution those who couldn’t even talk when they mount the stage to try to have confident.
Kelvin was on his way home, his friend Jona ran to catch up with him.
Jona: hey, stop there
Kelvin: Wetinn nah, I steal your pot of beans
Jona: deh the question me, about that last night saga
Kelvin: you still the remember last night (pretends not to remember but still fresh in his brain)
Jona: Ehen after you make the girl embarrassed me
Kelvin: Embarrassment keh
Jona: shu, she tear me slap you no go believe, sake of say I deh arrange babe for you. Your matter tire me self.
Kelvin: no vex guy, we be guy guy nah
Jona: o.k that one don pass, where you deh go now
Kelvin: Where should I go rather than my hostel
Jona: you no the tire for in doors, every time you deh lock yourself up. Doh for you ooh.
Kelvin: where you won make I go again.
Jona: see, e get this joint ehn, they is one correct babe there, she fine die
Kelvin: I no wan engage in babe issue again that last night own don teach me lesson
Jona: lesson keh, they slap you no be me they slap shu. Guy but make I tell you the truth, you yourself no say you the fumble
Kelvin: fumbling ke
Jona: yes nah you deh fumble, don’t you know that almost the girls for class the trip for you. Deh the lose guard (he was determined to help his friend out of his shy state).
Kelvin: how I go do now
Jona: ehen nah now you the talk, see no worry, all you have to do is follow me, first you have to make eye contact with her and second walk up to her and start a conversation. I think you go know the rest. Kelvin nodded but not too sure
Kelvin summon some confident, he told his friend that he is ready.
At the restaurant, the place was very friendly and welcoming. They was a lot of decorations, and the D.J was slamming to the beat of ‘’Chop Am’’ by Reakado Banks.
They located a sit and sat down.
Jona: How you see this place
Kelvin: Here set ooh
Jona: you no ask of the girl again
Kelvin: which level nah (he was feeling nervous)
Jona: see the girl don show.
Kelvin raised his head up to look at the girl.
The girl was very beautiful that her beauty makes Kelvin drool
Jona: you like her bah, go reason her now
Kelvin stood up acting on impulse, he went and stood at the counter.
Kelvin: Hel ………… (his voice was low and some how stammering)
Rita (the girl’s name) excuse me.

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