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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Episode 8. Life Of A Shy Bad Guy/Fictions

Olu: wetin you deh do with my girl
Kelvin: em ……..
Rita came to his rescue.
Rita: Olu, chillax na, we were just discussing about school stuff
Olu: better I don’t want to see again with my girl, do you here that.
Kelvin felt like crying, he didn’t know when he started replying back with harsh words, making Olu very upset.
Jona saw the chaos and rushed there immediately, he likes to fight very well, and he was determined to have one this night. He will still fight even if nah Kelvin find wahala. He thought.
Jona: wetin the suff here
Olu: leave this guy, na my girl e wan take from me
Jona: shu, na dat one the make you para like the person who im car loss (pointing at Kelvin) Kelvin you are too cool for my liking, you for give the fool a slap.
Olu: you deh tell me rubbish abi
Jona: who you be
Olu was very tensed by this time now and he gave Jona a kick. Jona who was waiting for this opportunity, hurriedly grab a bottle and smash break it with his head and aim directly at Olu’s hand, leaving blood gushing out of his hand.
Olu: chai, chai, nah my hand you stab like this werey. You don die
Jona (standing gallantly) wetin you fit do, do some thing na no just stand idiot
Olu brought out a knive , trying hard to stab Jona, but Jona was very quick in dodging. After some seconds Tolu gave out a loud shout and he fell down due to the shock he experienced from loss of blood. Some guys who were separating them, when the fight started rushed him to a car. One was saying ‘’good for you we say make you stop, you no stopj, you deh form actor, weh you no be’’. And they rushed him to the hospital.
When Jona came into the quarrel, Kelvin knew that a fight will ensued, he did not like anything pertaining fight. He went and stood at a distance. He would have like to separate them but he cant withstand the question they will ask him, about how the fight started. Because this could lead him to crying. If they fight finish, they go know who be who. He thought. While Rita on the other hand was begging her boyfriend to stop.
Jona looked here and there, he was looking for Kelvin, he saw him standing at a distance. He walked to were he stood like nothing has just happened.
Jona: tell me, why you too the fear
Kelvin: wetin na (looking surprised, but he knew what Jona was talking about)
Jona: you own case need fasting and prayer abeg
Kelvin: ehen, make I fast and pray so that I go deh fight abi
Jona: na tomorrow things na
Kelvin: ya, na tomorrow
Jona was going to his place, he was not afraid that Olu’s boy’s might attack him, he was reminiscing about the past.
Jona was in secondary school then, they was a club in their area, this club was far a way from his house, but every Saturday he will trek and sometimes sat on bike to attend the show, his parent didn’t know what their son was doing, they were very strict. The only place they approve for their children to go is school and church.
Jona used this opportunity to lie about going to a youth programme every Saturday in the church. But he was going to club.
One day at the club, he saw one of his homies.
Jona: J.J, how your parole the bi na
J.J: J, see every  good nah
Jona: abi (sighting the bottles of lacasera and plates of meat on the table. He was already salivating). Guy all this drink na your own.
J.J: yes ooh you fit join me, but make I tell you no loose guard ooo, na science student prepare this drink weh you the see so.
Jona: which one be science student again
J.J: you no even know, but you go soon know. Just take am as many as like nah me get am. I the run street.
Jona: I wan get money like u ooh.
He took one bottle and sipped it, the drink was somehow bitter but he didn’t care. Drink na drink. (he thought). He raised his eye up, omo see yansh. He was looking at a girl
J.J: If you wan do, I get money to sponsor your gobernment.
Jona: you serious, how I no go do, this kind yansh
J.J: o.k sip your drink first no hurry.
Some few minutes Jona was feeling dizzy and he started hallucinating. He stood up.
Jona: your drink sweet ooh, (he laughed out loud). See give me the money now, I wan go do.
J.J: sure, take am enjoy
Jona takes the money from J.J’S hand and headed towards the slay queen (ashawo), he was staggering.
Jona: see money I wan do you
The slay queen looking at Jona, asked him thus. You fit do am? She was saying this because she thought jona was too small for such thing.
Jona: you think say I small, if I jam you for inside you go know say small body no be sickness. They headed to the room.
Jona brought his John Thomas and the slay queen off her bump short. He saw the entrance very sore. He shouted, omo see injury.
Slay mama: abeg do make I commot, I still have other customer to attend to.
Jona inserted his John Thomas into her, o sheeyy, lala to the clala he shouted to the rhythm of the banging. He was going forth and back. He was loosing vision slowly and in a twinkle of eye he collapse.
The slay mama was annoyed. Which kind yeye level be this na. (she thought that Jona was playing pranks) you no fit do anything, you say you fit do. Anyhow na my money I deh collect. With this, she took the money that felled from Jona’s hand
When she saw that Jona was not responding she went to tap him. He was sweating profusely and he was also breathing very slowly.
She went to inform J.J because she saw them together.
Slay mama: come, your guy do collapse
J.J: chai Jona don fall, (he chuckled, he  knew what caused this)
When he arrived in the room he raised him up and took him home in a cab.
That is how Jona slept for three days.
Whenever Jona remember this, he always smile and say. I for don die teh teh.

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