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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

How To Stay Happy/Health

How To Stay Happy

Are you unhappy, relax, am going to lead you to the land of happiness and show you how to be happy or staying happy. To some people being happy is very hard for them, one minute they are happy and the one that follows is sadness, such people are sometimes referred to as moody people.

But they are things that actually caused these unhappiness. Some of those things are:
Failure, criticism, being over thoughtful of some ugly events, etc.

Staying happy influence your health a great deal, when you are happy, you will often smile and laugh this help to calm your nerves and gives you healthy facial look and also young face.

When you are happy, you make friends easily, everybody will be your friend. Because people like making friends with happy people who can impact in their life. Like now if a person is very jovial everyone will love to be around such individual just to make them happy and almost a times keep them laughing.

Tell me why people goes to A.Y or Bovi’s show to listen to jokes, it is not that they don’t know what to do with their money. They know a lot to do with their money. Their sole aim of going to such show is just to make them happy by listening to the comedians who displayed their talent in jokes cracking.
Some of them probably have marital problems and such they can get depressed, when this happens they find solace in such place and happiness will overflows in them. So being happy influence your  health a great deal.
The opposite which is sadness is when your facial look is gloomy and also troubled within you and you don’t feel interested in anything. You also tends to spread this unhappiness whenever you are sad, so try as much as you can to be happy.
To stay happy sometimes is kind of hard for some people. But you can use these steps am going to enumerate on to stay happy. They may not be enough but it can help someone out of sad state.

The Steps Are:
     Sit around with positive people
o   Avoid taking words personal
o   Learn to forgive
o   Engage in Exercise
o   Listen to jokes often

Sit around with positive friends or people
In life we can select who to associate with, some friends are very negative about advising you in any issue. They will always tell you your witnesses. How you can’t do anything because of one thing or another.
These sets of friends will always make you sad and gloomy if you are the type that can take each and every word personal. You will always be thinking about how you are bad and how you can succeed in anything and all these thoughts will worsen your situation and make you sad.
You should associate or sit around with friends who can have a positive view of your life; they can make you laugh whenever you are sad. Encourage from such friends are inevitable.

Avoid taking words personal
Some persons can take every words spoken by a fellow human very personal, every little joke piss such persons off. Am not trying to criticize such persons because am also in this group of people sometimes ago but as time went on I see that I was becoming more angry at every bit of words spoken either the one meant for laughing out loud and these caused me series of sadness. I solved these by just out looking some words even a very offending one and just lay it down without hurting.
What am I trying to say here, for you to stay happy, you should try not to take every single words personal.
It could be that the person just voiced out what he was just thinking in his mind, because human mind is very cunning. He or she may not have meant what they have said.
Maybe such person is a talkative.
When you hear words either good or bad just don’t pick offence. Some people can just talk for Africa.

Learn to forgive
Am not trying to go spiritual, but even the Holy Bible laid emphasis on this; it says. Forgive and you shall be forgiven. When you forgive someone who wrong you, your peace of mind will be restored to you by God himself.
When someone did what is wrong to you and you hold grudges against such person in your mind, it will make you very unhappy, why? The answer is, each time you see the person coming to your direction. You may be talking and laughing but when you caught sight of the person your mood will just change.
When a person decides to stay happy, such should forgive and forget and be free.

Engage in exercise
when you keep the body fit by engaging in exercise you will be more happier with yourself, you will be able to do anything you want to do very fast and this makes you stay healthy. But if you are just indoors,  you will be very heavy. You will be slow in every activity. So try as much as possible to engage in exercise regularly. When you go out for exercise you meets people who can make you laugh and forget all your problems.
They are numerous kinds of exercise one can engage or take part in ranging from walking, you may be surprise walking too is an exercise because it involves the movement of the body, others are, football, biking, dancing, swimming and etc. we are familiar with those I have just listed. But they are also other adventurous exercise that can keep you happy.

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Listening to or watching short comedy
This is the quickest ways of switching from being unhappy to being happy. When you watch our comedians displaying their talents on jokes you don’t know when you will start laughing, and when you laugh it shows that you are becoming happy.
They are many short comedies video you can watch online this days, you can watch Ade and father, Mark Angel Comedy, A.Y’S Crib, Bovi’s show, Basket Mouth and the host of others.
They are so many ways one can get happy, but those listed above can help an individual who is sad to be happy.
If you have other ways in which someone can stay happy, you can kindly use the comment box to help a very sad person to become happy.

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