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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Illuminati Symbols In Davido's Music Video?

Illuminati Symbols In Davido's Music Video?

So, Davido’s latest hit tune, “IF,” has been on everyone’s lips and has been banging on Nigerian clubs like it’s not going to fade away some day. With the visuals of the song being one hell of a creative work of art, the song has been deemed complete and worthy of unending airplay. However, a few things were seen on the video of the song that points to fact that the singer, though had shunned international fame, may still have some affiliations with them.
Some prominent Illuminati symbols were observed on the visuals of the song, leading to suspicions that Davido’s fracas with Sony Music may have been staged. Firstly, some black and white patterns on carpets, walls, etc, were found on the video, and such patterns in movie scenes and music videos are said to be symbols that represent the Illuminati.
Secondly, red color, which represents distraction, temptation, and seduction in Illuminati movie scenes were also seen in the video of the song. Finally, the most prominent are the pyramid with the eye of Horus (the all Seeing Eye). All these symbols were featured in the scene (2:35) in Davido's music video IF. Given all these symbols in Davido’s video, it can be said that the singer may have some dealings with Illuminati. Did you also notice the symbols?

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