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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Life Of A Shy Bad Guy/Fictions

Episode 7

Kelvin: Oh yah eh………….. I want eh (he don’t know the right word to say).
He looked back at Jona to get a hint on what to do next, Jona made a sign to him telling him  to tell her she is beautiful.
Rita: What are you saying (looking surprised).
Kelvin: Em am be liking you oo, can we be in a more sensual relationship I mean em friendship.
He regretted saying this but he can’t take back the words.
Rita was stunned. She gave him a very hot hot slap on the left cheek, kelvin saw multiples of stars, the earth was turning round about him.
Rita: What? Do you see as a cheap girl.
She walked out of him,
It was like what happen to Jona the last night, was playing itself again on a screen in the very front of Jona.
Jona was not too disappointed because he could remember vividly the embarrassment Kelvin made him pass through last night.
‘’make him brain reset small’’. He thought.
To Kelvin he was thinking. ‘’let the earth open up and swallow me’’. Because all eyes were on him.
He didn’t bother to look at his friend, because, to him, he was the one that put him in this mess. He walked out of the restaurant with his head bow.
Jona took a sip of his holandia yoghurt juice and went after his friend.
Jona: guy what happen na
Kelvin: you deh ask me you no get eye
Jona: I mean what lead to the girl giving you a hot slap (he was joking).
Kelvin: ehen she give me hot slap abi
Jona: guy I get another way
Kelvin: am not interested in this whole  girl matter again, please make I rest for girls matter joh.
He went home angrily without saying good bye to his friend.
When he was returning home, he met some of his neighbour partying. It was inform of a birthday party.
He was not a party type. Some of the student who were already high due to intake of some substance, called on him to come.
Student 1: hey, come here were you the go
Kelvin pretended not to here.
Student 2: guy you deh deaf, no be you they the call.
Student 3: Leave that guy, by the time we handle am ehn he go know.
Kelvin heard what the 3rd student just said and he turned and went to were he was called. He don’t want wahala.
Student 1: so me the call you, you deh do anyhow ba, oya kneel down
Kelvin: bros no vex wetin I do now (he was speaking with the vexation he got from the restaurant).
Student 1: (the first student just shake his head, ‘’this guy the try me’’). So you get mind the ask me question abi. Spider show am shege.
The student by the name spider was coming towards him to give him a beating but with the effect of the alcohol he was staggering.
A girl came to the rescue of Kelvin.
Sharon who was the celebrant did not want any problem, even though she was troublesome.
The first student was her boyfriend.
Sharon: guy make una melo down na, see the guy na JJC.
Student 1: na because of this my babe I the release you I for teach you lesson. Gerrara here (he said this alcoholically).
Kelvin turned and heading direct to his room.
He was lying down and counting the ceiling, he could not sleep. The day events keep playing in his mind.
Making feel sad, he tossed here and there on his bed.
An idea came to his mind, the idea was that, he should go to were they are hosting a birthday party to watch the event. But another thought told him not to go because  he could embarrass himself there.
He made up his mind to go. ‘’omo one thing must surely kill a man, I will go today’’.
But he waited till it was dark, he don’t want to be notice or stared at, course that will throw him off.
It was thirty minutes after seven.
He put on his cardigan, the weather was very cold, because of the rain that just stopped.
One thing that used to get Kelvin marveling some time is, he is very bad at heart, but when it come to making eye contact or talking to girl (just talking to a girl not even toasting), he becomes shy and say unnecessary thing or just stared blankly.
This night he was having this bad thought as usual, he was actually staring at a girl.
Kelvin: Omo see yansh, he mumbled to himself. ‘’omo deh well ooh, or I go pack you keep’’.
He was nodding to the hit produced by B banks and Young John ‘’Science Student’’. By Olamide.
He was tempted to dance but he stopped because he don’t want unusual stare.
His phone rang.
Jona: hello, hello (he was hearing noisy music sounds)
Kelvin: you wan block my ear with hello, hello, hello how many time now
Jona: so you don the go party now ba, bad guy (in Falz voice)
Kelvin: no be only party na club (sounding rude)
Jona: you still the vex for me, wetin don pass don pass now.
Kelvin: make I tell you ba, you too the put me for trouble, how your own come be now
Jona: trouble ke, me weh the help you.
Kelvin: who you epp. how you take the help me, all the slap weh I don receive nah because of you.
Jona: omo which side you deh like this nah, which place this party the happen, omo I won show ooh (very enthusiastic).
Kelvin: I know now you be party animal, any place weh party deh you are there. Wetin you deh gain from partying
Jona: that is why you are missing, I the gain many many things, as you deh there you no the feel yourself.
Kelvin: feel keh
Jona: abeg tell me the location, niqqar won show
Kelvin: nah my lodge e the happen like this ooh
Jona: you mean am I the come right now.
He cut the call.
Kelvin stood and was watching a girl winning her waist rigorously. ‘’omo you sure say this one get skeleton’’.
A few second Jona was right there, kelvin as already told him were he stood, so he located him easily.
Kelvin: guy you too show fast oo, you deh fly.
Jona: see you, look at were you come hide yourself. Come out joh, Kelvin was standing at a distance alone.
Jona who knew a lot of girl there beckon on a girl.
Jona: hey lovely, how far
Joy: I deh fine, nah who get this bobo nah (she was referring to Kelvin, who was looking elsewhere).
Jona: nah my friend, Kelvin meet Joy
Kelvin: nice to meet you (he composed his self, what he has passed through because of girls have thought him a very good lesson, he made up his mind that any girl that come his way, he won’t fumble but act like a man that he is and that is where his bad side came in).
Jona left them to talk to another girl, he did this so that Kelvin can speak with the girl better.
Kelvin did not like this idea because he was becoming nervous. He thought ‘’guy nah night, no fumble, compose, pose man, pose. He said all these to boost his confidence.
Joy seems to like Kelvin because even though he was looking elsewhere and keeping silence she still stood there, she started a conversation.
Joy: which department you deh
Kelvin told her his department, he saw the opportunity to talk by reciprocating in asking her, of her own department too.
Joy: theatre art
Kelvin thoughts (chai useless department, but he don’t want to voice that out) ooh that is a nice department.
When the conversation was gaining momentum, Joy boyfriend came to were they stood very angry.

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