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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Life Of a Shy Bad Guy/Fictions

Life Of a Shy Bad Guy

Episode 1

He waked up late in the morning very exhausted, yawning heavily he mumbled to himself.
‘’omo nah waoo, how I take commot from the club self’’. Kelvin’s mind went back to the club last night he went outside the school campus.

His so called friends were discussing about girls they have succeeded in talking to and they were also drinking.

Late into the night, his friend began to challenge him that he cannot drink, they put bottles of stars.
They told him that if he is able to drink 5 bottle without being drunk, they will drink 20 bottles.

Kelvin who was not used to drinking of alcohol, find an excuse to escape from the scenario. By the way he was forced to come to the club because his friends thought he was too shy.

Kelvin: Omo I deh go, I get lecture for 8 am tomorrow.

Jona: See you you wan run you be woman ni. You too the deh fear

Kelvin: ‘’You no say I be bad guy’’, he bragged. If no be say I get lecture tomorrow ehn. You for see wetin I for do to this bottles, with that statement he picked one and gulped it down. He continued like that till he finished all the bottles just to impress his friends.

He friends who looked puzzled; rather than being impressed were very amazed at the rate he took the liquor.

The next thing that happened was a long story for the gods, after taking numerous bottles he staggered to get up. Unfortunately, he started seeing stars, the next thing he could remember is total blackout.

That is how Kelvin found himself on his bed.

Kelvin mumbled again to himself. ‘’this thing I no go take am like that again ooh’’ He would have went a heard to prepare for lecture but the time for that day lecture has passed and he is very tired.
He cleaned the mess in his room and went to take his bath. When he finish taking his bath, he dressed up and picked his phone to do some chatting. He saw four missed calls on the screen of his phone.

This was from one of his friends who is trying to lure him into bad baddo baddest habits like excessive drinking and some science student mixing of grass you understand.

His friend tried to get him out of shyness, so one day when he gave him some drink, mhen, Kelvin was in another world he could talk to any girl without being nervous but when the thing fade away he came back to his normal self.

Kelvin called his friend back.

Kelvin: hello

Bob: Hello, how you deh now

Kelvin: my guy I deh ooh

Bob: Guy you nearly die yesterday night ooh, you got us frightened

Kelvin: Na una push me nah

Bob: you were quick to react

Kelvin: no be small thing, guy I come the see different types, colour, size of stars can you imagine to be a science student hard small ooh.

Bob: haha (he laughed) you have not even done anything yet and you are shouting science student the hard. Anyhow sha I called you that time just to know how you deh now. Make I no finish your card. We go see tomorrow in school.

Kelvin: Ok now, with that he cut the call and went back to his chatting after the phone cell got low. He dropped it and started thinking about tomorrow lecture, it gonna be nervous all through as usual, he thought. Which day I go change from this trait self no matter how hard I try the shy nature still deh.

When he was having this thought PHCN brought light. He played and sang along with Akon’s ‘’Locked Up’’.

He dressed up early in the morning for lecture. He checked his time now and then, because he don’t want to be late to classes especially Mr. Agbadi lectures. He could vividly remember the day he came late to this particular lecturer’s class. He walked into the class with his head bowed.

Mr. Agbadi who noticed called him.
Mr. Agbadi: You come here

Kelvin pretend to have not heard him, he called Kelvin again with a big word which makes the other students laughed so hard, for them they are enjoying themselves but for Kelvin it was a hell, he started sweating profusely.

Kelvin walked back to the lecturer and mumbled an apology. Mr. Agbadi who was very strict with students. But on seeing Kelvin he cautioned him against coming late to class, with that he summoned him to his seat. The other students were very amazed. Some whispers to themselves

Kate: Omo this guy get luck ooh

Vivian: if for say he deh for his bad self today throughout the semester the guy for stand out side the receive lecture. The lecturer on seeing the commotion barked.

Mr. Agbadi: Keep quiet, and every became quiet like a cemetery. If a person drop a pin you will hear the sound.

To the present, Kelvin trekked from Baba Yaro’s Hostel to the lecture hall, he came early but still meet other student. As a quiet person he took his phone and began to play with it. While others were discussing about the happening in Nigeria Music Industry or nollywood. He would have liked to join in the conversation but he just sat there with his phone.

Hello is the female voice he heard, he raised his head up to behold the owner of the voice 

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