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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Life Of A Shy Bad Guy/Fictions

Life Of A Shy Bad Guy
Episode 5
The D-day was here, Kelvin woke up  with a smile on his face not a good smile, but one that depict his stupidity in the last night.
As usual he was forced to go and catch some fun by his friend Jona, who teases him always about being shy; knowing in his mind that at heart Kelvin can be a very bad gee.
They went to a place called Love Paradise outside the school premises. Jona saw some of his homies and went to do obeisance to them before returning to his guy who has being standing like log of woods.
Jona: Guy nah flexing things ooh
Kelvin: What did you say (pretends not to hear him, cause he didn’t want to flex, he was feeling nervous already).
Jona who sited a very fine girl wearing a short skirt that shows her flabby laps and a show-me-your-back shirt passing by, he walked to her and started a conversation.
Jona: Hi
Rita (The girl’s name): hi, what can I do for you.
Jona: Nothing, is just that my friend there want to talk with you (he said this pointing at Kelvin).
‘’Ok’’, the girl replied and was coming towards Kelvin.
Kelvin who saw what was has just happened and the approaching girl, took to his heel and almost shouting. ‘’omo, see werey werey nah me this Jona guy wan kill’’.
 The girl was so stunned, and a little bit embarrassed, she taught Jona and his friend was playing some kind of child game with her, but she got it wrong. Jona was only trying to help his friend overcome his shyness.
He couldn’t believe what has just happened, he went to apologize to the girl for his friend stupidity. When he was about speaking. A dirty slap landed on his cheek. All eye fell on him because the sound of the slap was too loud.
The girl hissed and went out.
Jona: Nah me this little brat slap like this because of this Jew called Kelvin, we go see nah, chai Jona, oga Jona you don suffer’’. He ranted a loud and went out very upset.
Kelvin smiling face suddenly turned to a sullen face, he just remembered that today the student in Political Science Department will not only submit the research they have made on the topic given to them by the lecturer but also stands to discuss about the research they have made in front of hundreds of student and that was what he dreaded most in his life.
He don’t feel comfortable talking in the midst of five persons not talking of hundreds of students glaring at only him.
He tries to give himself some courage, ‘’anyhow, I go still do am, people like the lecturer weh the stand the give lectures no get two heads, but come think of it ooh, the lecturer nah professional’’. Which kind thing be this self. All this thought played prank in his mind which left him very moody.
He dressed up slowly, this thought of facing a large crowd of students made him very weak.
After he dressed up, he put on his ear piece and hummed along with the beats of Eminem’s ‘’Am Not Afraid’’.
He arrived at the school premises a bit early, but few students where already they gisting and talking endlessly about trending issues as usual. Kelvin was thoughtful. ‘’instead to go think about this research saga, you deh their the gist about Banky W. weh marry Adesua. He hissed.
Jona walked into the hall with lots of swags, many girls were hailing him. This make him feel very big, he ignite more swags into his steps. He saw Kelvin and went over to confront him about the last night. Kelvin head was bent on his phone, jona tap him on his shoulder with a frown face.
Jona: Nah which drama you come do yesternight
Kelvin: Which drama now, I no deh for any drama club for school nah.
Jona: See, as a friend I go deh gentle with you that nah why I no go do you anything but your matter don the full cup ooh, wetin make you run from the club like person who the compete first position with Usain Bolt for Olympics. Kelvin laughed out loud.
Jona: Wetin the make you laugh now
Kelvin who controlled himself to stop the laughter a bit. ‘’so you wan disgrace me for the girl front, omoh liver no gum your guy ooh, that nah why I pick race.
The lecturer walked into the hall with enthusiasm like a person who just shop bet9ja.
Jona: Guy we go yan latter’’. He said after siting the lecturer.
Mr. Agbadi: hello Student, I hope you have all made research on the topic I gave to you people in our last lecture. So we are going to it this way, if the course rep calls your name, you should come and lecture us with that he went to sit down.
The first person name was called, he walked majestically mimicking the lecturer. He did his presentation well and he went to sit down.
The second person also did well.
Course Rep: The next person is (Kelvin heart was pounding hard, that his heart jump out of his chest) Kelechi, he heaved a sign of relief.
Kelechi walked to the stage sluggishly with his head bent, he was very stage fright in all his presentation he didn’t said a single word until he was sent out of the stage.

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