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Friday, 2 February 2018

Life Of A Shy Bad Guy/Fictions

Episode 2
Hello the girl said again.
Kelvin: Hi
Emily: (Emily is the girl’s name) how are you doing.
Kelvin: Am am doing we……ll (he stammered)
Emily seems make things worse for Kelvin, when he was praying in his heart for her just go and leave him alone.
Emily: Can I sit down
Kelvin: (To himself) ‘’yawa don gas ooh), how I go take talk to her now’’, all these ran through his mind. Sure, you can sit.
Emily sat down leaving a little gap between them she started staring at him, maybe for him to raise a conversation but none was forth coming. He noticed that he is being stared by the girl.
Numerous thoughts ran through his mind. ‘’this girl fit the think say I wowo’’. Sweat started forming on his face.
He just sat there without raising any conversation. The girl was feeling bored so she took her cell phone and devouring latest celebrity news.
A few minutes later the lecturer arrived, all the students began to locate where to sit and were all settled down in some pace of seconds.
The lecturer began his lecture. He started with the definition of Political Science. He was a very lousy lecturer who likes to deal with any student who disobeyed him. One thing about Mr. Tobi is that he tries to go into detail in every of his lecture.
Mr. Tobi: I have stood here and lecture you about the definition, and all you need to know about Political science. So, I want a student to tell us what political science mearnt. A student stood up and gave the definition.
The lecturer was seduced by the girl’s prettiness. He devised a way to get her.
Mr. Tobi: That was excellent, What is your name
Student: Mirabel sir. She said seductively
With the intention still in his mind, another idea came to his mind.
Mr. Tobi: Students if anyone of you have questions or you need much explanation about any topic, kindly come to my office. He knew that Mirabel will surely come.
He asked another question this time very stiff, none of the student could give an answer. Kelvin knew the answer but he was feeling nervous of standing up to answer, ‘’make man no go fall hand, all this people weh feel lecture hall like this make I come stand the yarn rubbish. Make I sit jare’’. So, he just sat there staring at empty space.
Unfortunately, Kelvin tried hard not to have eye contact with Mr. Tobi. But there eye met, he changed his gaze immediately with his heart pounding heavily.
Mr. Tobi: You stand up (Kelvin just looked at him like he was not the one he pointed). Are you deaf am talking to you, he shouted this time around.
Kelvin with great difficulty stood up, he was becoming weak due to his nervous state. He managed to answer the question correctly amidst stammers.
The lecturer was amazed and stood still for a moment wondering how a student can answer a question so well.
Mr. Tobi: You knew the answer and you kept quiet. Now student he continued we are going to call it a day. He told them to go and make research on a topic and failure to give an accurate answer in the next class will lead to loss of marks.
Lecture came to an end, student’s disperse in various direction. As Kelvin was going his friend, the one at the club the other day called him.
Jona: Hey how far, you deh rush home without even looking for me again bah.
Kelvin: Why I go find you. Who you epp.
Jona: forget that slang joh. I wan yarn you something.
Kelvin: What again, the last time you yarn me something na faint I faint commot from the club.
Jona: This one no be drink again sha. This one nah about girl. See if you want a girl friend I can arrange one for you. You can’t be staying like this and you don’t have a girlfriend. Let me tell you something person like me bah I the control like 10 girls now and you deh here the fumble.
Kelvin: I no deh for that one. I no fit approach them not to talk of starting a conversation.
Jona: I fit talk to one for you.
Kelvin: No no (he shouted). As he was about to voice out the next statement, he saw the Emily coming to their direction. He just stood there staring, thinking of an escape route.
Jona: What are you staring at like that (his eye caught a glimpse of the approaching girl). He smiled like a fool. ‘’Abi you like her, make I arrange her for you now’’.
The girl got to the spot they stood.
Emily: Oga (talking to Kelvin) you no even look for me again.
Kelvin was like ‘’which day that one start’’. What do you? He pretended not to have heard her.
Jona who already noticed that Kelvin is nervous took control of the situation as a sharp guy.
Jona: Hi, am Jonathan, Jona for short and here is my friend Kelvin, Kel for short.
Emily: Nice to meet you (not even looking at him).
Jona: how was the lecture, were you bored about the lecture.
Emily: The lecture was good but when the man mention research I was like ‘’what is this’’
Jona: I can help with that. Kelvin knew that his friend was lying. His friend barely focus on his own book. He helped him out every time they is any assignment.
Emily: I appreciate that but I want this my guy.( Pointing at Kelvin some how seductively). to help me out.
Kelvin: Me ke, project ni (he managed to voice out)
Emily: please now, why you deh do like this
Jona gave Kelvin a hint to agree through eye contact.
Kelvin: ok ooh I hear.
Emily: where your address come deh
Kelvin: Address keh. We go use school library.
Emily: No it will be very noisy.
After much persuasion he agreed, but gave Emily a wrong address. He was very thoughtful of what will happen in close doors. Jona was very upset about what his friend just did.
Jona: Guy make I no lie you, you fall level.
Kelvin:  How I take fall level now
Jona: So you no even know
It came to the place they parted ways. Jona went to a club nearby but Kelvin went to his lodge. He don’t want to engage in any club thing again.
When he arrived at his lodge, he just lied down on his bed thinking about all the scene that take place in the day. With all this thoughts he will not be able to sleep. The only solution for him is just to fantasize and in a little while he will fall asleep.

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