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Monday, 5 February 2018

Life Of A Shy Bad Guy/Fictions

Life Of A Shy Bad Guy

Episode 3.

The next day was Saturday, he was alone in his room, it was getting boring for him. It would have been better if they is light. But NEPA people no the help matter this days. He just laid on his bed contemplating whether to go out or not. One thought told him to go out, but the other told him that if he go out people will stare at him and criticize him, so he followed the first thought and just lay on his bed counting ceiling.
After many thought, and the boredom was too much for him. He decided to go to a nearby Bet9ja shop not to stake games but to just watch football match. The match was between Chelsea and Arsenal. Arsenal 3 goals to nil. Chelsea fans was so upset because to them the coach made a very huge mistake by dropping Batshuayi. Man United fans in the hall did not give Chelsea fans a breathing space.
Kelvin did not talk but just concentrate on his football match. He was very happy his darling Club Arsenal is winning the Almighty Blues. Some of the Chelsea fan who stake Chelsea to win were all shouting. ‘’Kai my ticket don burn, Conte e no go better for you’’, while all the Man U fans tease them the more.
It got to a point that fight wanted to break out, Kelvin was thinking ‘’should I go or I should not go, make I chillax joh.’’
The owner of the shop have to intervene before those planning to fight stop. The match came to an end and Arsenal take the lead by adding another goal to make four. Ozil was their hero, he scored all the goals in that game.
Kelvin hurriedly went out to avoid conversation about the football match. He don’t know how to keep up with conversation. So he went home straight and by this time the NEPA has brought light. He love to watch Telenovella and India films, he inserted 3 idiots in the CD. Whenever he sees  girls in the film he develops this habit of imagining of being with them and every time he sleeps in the night he saw himself in a movie precisely the India movie with the same girls he imagined of been with in the day time.  Half way into the film, he heard a knock.
He was taken aback because he was not expecting anybody so he was reluctant to open the door. ‘’make I open am or leave self’’. The knocking came again, he have to open the door. Reluctantly he heard the knob and open it gently. Who he saw makes him to freeze immediately.
By the door was standing Emily, ‘’What, who gave her my real address which kin wahala be this nah’’. Words were not coming from his mouth as he just stared at the floor like a child whose mummy is given instruction to. Emily was surprised.
Emily: Won’t you let me in or you wan make I stand here all day.
Kelvin: eh ehe ………… eh (he stammered) sorry come inside
Emily: You gave me wrong address. Why you deh do like this nah.
Kelvin: Wrong ke, address ni (Kelvin was surprised at the boldness he just displayed).
Emily: Anyhow, you got a nice room. What movie are you watching.
Kelvin: 3 idiots (he said this staring at the floor).
Emily: That movie those days when we were in secondary school.
Kelvin heart was beating fast ‘’make anything no happen, the way this babe come dress the tempt son of man bah’’. Emily noticed that he was always staring at the floor.
Emily: wetin you put for floor now, you no the look up. By this time the movie has come to a love scene.
She wanted to test Kelvin, she put her hand on Kelvin’s back.
Emily: That research you said you will help me with. You no even talk about am again.
Kelvin: nah me go talk about am or you (Kelvin is gradually dropping is shyness, this time he was ready to take action, he can’t stand the laughter Jona will give him, if he ever hear of it).
Emily was now rubbing his back, Kelvin too respond and they did what God said is necessary for man and woman.
After some time, Emily stood up to go.
Kelvin: When are you coming back for the research (He was again surprised for the second time on how he can say that; is this a miracle).
Emily: Every day.
Kelvin: What? (in his mind, ‘’you wan kill son of man).
Kelvin just bade her good bye. But Emily did not give in, she asked him to escort her to the main gate. But he refused. He can’t stand the stares from the his neighbours ‘’what will they think about me, that am now a bad guy’’. No I can’t escort her. This thoughts ran through his mind.
She just slam the door and went out.
Kelvin: Nawa ooo nah me carry you come. Mtchewww. See her back self’’.
After some time Kelvin think of what to do but. Every thought that came to his mind he threw it off.

‘’now ever since my birth have been cursed to whirl. In case I never got the chance to holla at my unborn child. Many things learnt in prison. Blessing still living. Trying to earn every penny am getting am reminisce’’. That was his phone ringing.
He picked the call.
Jona: Guy how far nah
Kelvin: Nigga I deh.
Jona: Emily come your side bah.
Kelvin: so na you tell her my address
Jona: She too the disturb me, she found out that you gave her a wrong address.
Kelvin: ok oo
Jona: So, what happen nah.
Kelvin: Wetin nah guy.
Jona: Guy no fall hand ooh, don’t let what am thinking be true ooh.
Kelvin: What are you thinking nah
Jona: you no do wetin they the do for under the duvet. (In Harrison voice)
Kelvin: Yes I do her do her (In Falz the bad guy voice).

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