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Monday, 5 March 2018

Episode 10. Life Of A Shy Bad Guy/Fictions

Kelvin sat on a chair pretending to read magazine, he was looking at the girl’s lap from the corner of his eye. Omo see lap, her father. He thought.
Rita: you like am.
Kelvin: what?
Rita: my lap
Kelvin: why you go say such thing.
Rita: no be you deh look am since
Kelvin: me look am…………
She didn’t wait for Kelvin to complete his statement.
She pounced on Kelvins lap preparing to give him a ride.
Kelvin mounted a kiss on Rita’s lip.
Just when they were about to off their clothes.
They heard a knock on the door.
Rita quickly stood up, packed her things and heard off to go.
Rita: your guy don spoil show, anyhow see you later
Kelvin: yah later oo, I can’t miss a chance with this kpekus, chai this person at the door don fall hand, there is God, there is God (he mumbled).
Rita was the one who opened the door.
Rita: good day
Jona: how your parole be na
Rita didn’t respond again, she took the direction of her room few blocks away very disappointed.
But in her mind, she knew that she will meet Kelvin again.
I so much like the guy. She thought.
Rita found Kelvin very handsome with his masculine chest, dimple cheeks and his fair complexion.
Jona: Guy, you come bad now oo
Kelvin: wetin you mean na
Jona: yesterday na party, today na babe, guy you don the follow my league
Kelvin: league ke, na just phone she come plug
Jona: ehen, don tell me you let her go like that
Kelvin: wetin na, na your thing I deh use, why are you so pained
Jona: guy I no surprise sha, you be furk up guy, if na me enhn she go regret for coming.
Kelvin: why she go regret
Jona: you no know anything na, what do you have there.
Kelvin: nothing but garri deh
Jona: you the call garri nothing, bring am I go chop, I go even chop your cup and spoon join
Kelvin laughed out loud.
Kelvin: garri don twist your head very soon now, you no go the see properly again.
He reached for the bowl containing garri, he mixed it with water and all the ingredients.
Jona: omo see milk, see kpilikpili I go chop am.
He ate the garri and demanded for another one again until he ate like five of cups of garri.
Kelvin: (looking surprise) they use garri swear for you nai.
Jona: if you vex me I go chop another one again.
NEPA guys brought light and they switch on the laptop to watch film.
Kelvin was scrolling down the screen to see a good film to select.
Jona: you no get B.F
Kelvin: (pretending) wetin be B.F

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