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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Episode 11 Life Of A Shy Bad Guy/Fictions

Kelvin: I get na
Jona: and you deh the loose guard since put am make we watch
Kelvin: I be pastor I no fit put am
Jona: ehen, pastor the get B.F for Lapi
Kelvin: you know here about a pastor smoking cush and watching B.F
Jona: abeg put that thing make we watch and live torri (he was amazed at what he saw on Kelvin’s screen, so many B.F and different type). Guy you don bad finish.
Kelvin: me I be quiet guy oo, I no bad
Kelvin played one out of the numerous videos
The one he played started with a very black girl coming to serve her boss.
The boss was reading a p**n magazine and he was already erected, he grabbed the dark girl with her boob and suck it slowly.
The girl responded by taking in his d**k. she sucked it till the boss cum
The boss grabbed her butt and they took a doggy style.  They continued in this style.
They took another style, the girl was up riding the boss dick.
The girl was panting and shouting . o my God, I love it, please ride me. She panted
Jona and Kelvin kept watching the video, Jone cummed in his trouser and kelvin noticed it immediately and he stop the video.
Kelvin: chai guy you no tryoo this small thing now, you come the cum, see as you don spoil my room
Jona: get out na only video you fit watch you fit do the real thing
Kelvin: lock me and your girlfriend inside na, werey
Jona: lock ke, abi jealous boyfriend, if you try am I go beat you
Kelvin: who you go beat.
They watched other video for like four hour because the NEPA guys are lenient today
After some time Jona fell asleep. But Jona was busy watching his videos
Jona was in a room a girl came from nowhere and sat on his leg and they started making love, I love you I cant do anything without you, ride me yeah ride nigger, I be your lover for life ah ah. Jona muttered from his sleep.
Kelvin gave him a sounding slap
Kelvin: see as you come cum for my bed, omo your own no get inside dream again oo
Jona: wetin the wack you na, chai wetin be this (looking at his wet trouser)
Kelvin: ask me again
Jona: make i deh go house self
kelvin: after you spoil my bed sheet
Jona (looking annoyed) no be only bed sheet, my trouser nah your bed sheet
kelvin: whatever
Jona: you go come field
Kelvin: which day that one start
Jona: make we go together today na, i go teach you how to play ball
Kelvin: (interested) when are we going
Jona: 4 pm
Kelvin: O.k then
Jona: i will come here at 3, till then. (he went outside banging the door heavily)
kelvin: werey, break my door na

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