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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Episode 9 Life Of A Shy Bad Guy/Fictions

Kelvin  was on his bed thinking what transpired some few minutes ago. He was thanking God for not involving in the fight and also marveling at his friend bravery and stubbornness.
He kept thinking until he fell asleep.
Kelvin: hi, how you deh
Benita: am fine, my fine bobo
Kelvin: where you deh go this early momo
Benita: am just strolling
Kelvin: ehen make we go my place na
Benita: make we waka now
She put her hand around Kelvin’s neck and Kelvin did same by place a hand on her waist.
They walked slowly to Kelvin’s room
Benita: you don change your cotton abi, I like this one colour.
Kelvin: abi, I changed it to your taste
Benita: that is sweet of you honey
Benita lay on the bed seductively
Kelvin: you are damn hot
Benita: awnn, that is sweet of you
Kelvin off his shirt and Benita did same revealing her sumptuous mammary gland.
Kelvin was like, omo I go suck that thing dry today.
As he was about to lay beside her.
He heard his phone ringing and he woked up.
So this was all a dream. He thought
Which day I go do am real again na,
Every day na dream with one girl or another
Today na Benita tomorrow now, go be Anita which kind life be this.
When he reached for his phone, it has stopped ringing.
He checked the caller and it was Rita.
So na you no allow me enjoy this Benita baby ba.
He spoke as if, Rita was standing at his front.
He went back to sleep without calling back.
Kelvin woked up at 10 am, he didn’t have lectures. Hurray today is Saturday, he said.
He stood lazily to some washing and cleaning.
It was boring at first but when the NEPA guys did what they are known for doing.
The environment became lively.
He on his home theatre and put the music on loud speaker.
Singing along with Ycee and Maleek Berry. JUICE.
Kelvin: too much sauce.
Too much juice
Don’t you shy.
Don’t you worry.
He sang along loudly.
Kate (his neighbour): this one weh you deh shout you well so.
Kelvin (shy at first, but when it came to the verse of don’t you shy, don’t you worry, he became bold): nothing do me oo, I just like this song
Kate: ehen, I fit help you wash your jean na.
Kelvin: don’t worry
Kate: I won plug my phone, I fit plug am for your room
Kelvin: sure
Kate went inside plugged her phone and stayed there pressing it.
Kelvin was expecting her to come out but she didn’t come out.
Kelvin finished washing his clothes.
He would have love to go inside but because of Kate he remained outside.
Waiting for her to come out but she stayed inside.
Something fit happen oo, this kind dream I have today. He thought
He summoned courage and he go inside.
What he saw was very tempting.
On his bed lay Kate seductively pressing her phone.

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