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Monday, 2 April 2018

Khloe and I were in a relationship before Big Brother - K.Brule

K.Brule has revealed that he was in a relationship with Khloe before their stay in the Big  Brother Naija house.

K.Brule, who was Khloe's strategic partner during his stay in the house, revealed this during an interview on Rubbin Minds.
K.Brule said that their relationship came to an end after he asked that they take thinks slow.
“Khloe and I were in a relationship before big brother.I asked for us to take things slow but she opted out with break up,” he said.
K.Brule and Khloe were disqualified on Sunday, February 18, after Big Brother issued two Strikes to the pair for provocation.

Khloe and K.Brule's disqualification

After one of the house parties, Khloe called K.Brule's mother a whore.
Following the offense of provocation, Big Brother gave Khloe a strike, putting the pair on two strikes as K.Brule initially earned them one when he jumped from the balcony and inflicted injury on himself).
K.Brule got the pair the third and final strike for threatening to assault Dee-One as well as being called to the Diary Room numerous times and not responding.

On Sunday, March 25, Khloe was announced as one of the two ex-housemates voted back to the house as contestants.

How K.Brule reacted to Khloe's return to the show

K.Brule took to Instagram to share a post that criticizes the return of two evicted housemates. He wrote: "Voting? In a country that voted our current HOS. I didn't expect much. If you voted, thank you. Now I can focus on real-life issues."
On Twitter, he retweeted tweets that called out the organizers for taking Khloe, who was 'responsible for their disqualification' back as a housemate.
In a series of tweets, K.Brule also blamed their disqualification on Khloe, saying that she insulted his mother and provoked him twice in one night.
There are currently 9 contestants battling for the 45 million naira grand prize. With 63 days gone, the housemates have 22 more days to spend in the Big Brother Naija house.


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