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Sunday, 1 April 2018

Life Of A Shy Bad Guy Episode 13/Fictions

Life Of A Shy Bad Guy

 Episode 13

On the field, all the players did some jogging, after that they were shared to their various sets.
Kelvin’s sets are the one starting first, they passed the ball to him but he missed it by positioning his leg the wrong way.
Philip (one of the player): No let them score us ooo, which kain ball you the play, coach abeg change this guy (he fumed).
Kelvin: na you sabi pass
Philip: abeg coach change am, e don the do this mistake since.
The coach without having a second thought substitute Kelvin with another player immediately.
In the case of Jona, he was playing well, dribbling every player on the field and scoring at the same time.
CR7, CR7 they were heard hailing him.
Coach: stop this selfish game and pass the ball, or nah you bring all this people come field
Jona: you no as e deh be na (teasing the coach)
Coach (laughing): abeg concentrate joh
Every time Jona score a goal he will look at Kelvin and twist his face funnily, he was actually teasing Kelvin.
He was about to do this again when Kelvin got vexed up.
Kelvin: wetin the wack you na
Jona: wack me, you no sabi play anything
Kelvin: for your mind now, na football you the play you the form Ronaldo abi
Jona: eh……….
Coach: shut up and concentrate, I will replace you oo
Jona: coache, na your boy oo
The training came to end at about 7:00 pm.
Kelvin: omo my yansh don tire today oo
Jona: you no sabi ball na
Kelvin: mr. Sabi
Jona: but that guy no try
Kelvin: live that dude joh, you weh the yab me since wetin I do you
Jona: tomorrow na Sunday, you go come church
Kelvin: I go come na
Jona: which one you deh attend tomorrow
Kelvin: why you the say which one, so you no get one church abi
Jona: forget that thing, I the rotate church
Kelvin: why you the rotate church
Jona: make I tell you every church weh I go if I no see fine girls for there, I no go come back again
Kelvin: so na because of girl you the attend church, chai repent for the kingdom of God is at hand
Jona: no be only kingdom, you go soon say  c-n-d-m
Jona: make we go Fire Man Ministries na
Kelvin: where that one deh again, Fire Man Ministries, this church name funny ooh
Jona: you no believe
Kelvin: believe wetin
Jona: na there girls full na
Kelvin: abeg free me joh every time girls this, girls that, e be like say you don forget this morning (laughing, Jona too joined in the laughter).
Jona: forget that babe this morning na home training she no receive well
Kelvin: me I deh go listen to preaching ooh
Jona: no say I no warn you cause that church too much temptation deh ooh
Kelvin: the lord is our shepherd
Jona: ok nah, you go watch film for church tomorrow
Kelvin didn’t understand until they arrived at the church the next day which was Sunday.

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