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Sunday, 29 April 2018

Life Of A Shy Bad Guy Episode 16-Fictions

Episode 16

After they finish having fun, they slept off holding each other tightly.
It was 10 o’clock in the morning they woke up, they felt exhausted because of the other night, they were very late to lecture they decided not to go to school that day. Kate helped him to perform some of his home chores, she cooked and they both ate together, joking and laughing.

                ‘’say bye, say bye. She don’t want to ‘say bye’, girl I want to pay bride price’’ was the sound coming out of Kelvin’s phone. ‘’who be dis na’’ he said. He looked at the screen. ‘’jona’’ he muttered picking the call.

Jona: hello, how far na why u no go lecture.
Kelvin: abeg, na lecture you deh now.
Jona: na lecture na
Kelvin: lie you deh lecture the make phone call abi, wereey (he stressed the word)
Jona: lecture keh, after yesterday’s night man gat to rest.
Kelvin: see I deh busy right now, I go call you later
Jona: ok later things na (he end the call).
They finish eating, Kate was already dressed, she told Kelvin that she is going.
Kelvin: ok wait for me (he wore his shirt and trousers).
He took his wallet and counted 10k and gave it to Kate, but she rejected it.
Kate: am not doing this for money, just that I like cool guys like you.
Kelvin: ok oo, if you say so (reacting like he is not happy). ‘’thank God say you no collect am self’’ he thought.
Kate took hold of her bag and counted 20k and handed it over to Kelvin.
Kelvin: what is this?
Kate: just take it, this is my way of saying thank you for accepting me into your life.
Kelvin: no I won’t collect it. After much persuasion he collected it licking his lip.
Kate: why are you licking lip again, shey you say you no go collect am
Kelvin: see you mouth. They both laughed.
They arrived at where they will board a cab, a cab was coming and they flagged it down.
Kate gave him a tight hug and a kiss before hopping in bidding him good bye.
He stood there, until the cab was out sight.
Kelvin was very happy, he was feeling on top of the world. He swaggerly bounced back to his room.
On his way he met the other Kate that came to plug phone his room the other time.

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